Bear bile industry

The problem

  • Across Asia up to 20,000 bears are suffering. Forced to endure a lifetime in cruel captivity, they are exploited for their bile – an ingredient used in some traditional Asian medicine.

The solution

  • Stop the exploitation and suffering of captive bears by ending bear bile farming for good.

What we're doing

  • Working with governments to improve legislation and law enforcement.
  • Promoting better welfare for captive bears, while we move to end the bear bile industry.
  • Striving to make sure that no new bears enter the captive bear industry.

Help us end bear bile farming for good

The suffering that bears in the bear bile industry face is intense and unjustified. It must stop.


World Animal Protection is working with governments and organisations to stop this suffering – but we need your support.

Trapped and tortured for bile

Tens of thousands of bears are being exploited for their bile right now, suffering severe pain and psychological distress, caged in unnatural and inhumane conditions.

We are committed to ending the exploitation of bears. We are working with governments, global bodies and local partners to create lasting change.


Ending exploitation

Our vision is for bears to be respected, protected by law and free from exploitation. As well as moving governments, we raise awareness of alternatives to bear bile, including herbal and synthetic products, which are readily available, affordable and effective.


How you can help

With your support, we can stop bears being subjected to a lifetime of pain and psychological distress in the bear bile industry. 

A bear in a cage on a bear bile farm in Asia

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